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Price: $12.99

Age: 8 - 16

Description:  This non-fictional Masterpiece is told from the perspective of the Lion that killed and defeated the hunter!  Organized and written by our own Kandace Chimbiri we finally have A truly Black perspective on The Untold Story of Black North Africa!  A Textbook on Kemet!  This is a solid work to be used in all educational institutions! The Story of Early Ancient Egypt begins 'Before the Pharaohs' and covers 18,000 years of amazing human history in an easily readable format. Each chapter chronicles a period or theme in a comprehensive, as well as engaging, manner. Heavily illustrated with full-colour artwork to engage readers, 20 photos showing genuine artefacts from the period concerned to aid understanding, and 3 maps that help readers to place ancient Egypt in its geographical context, This text book is designed to help readers understand the origins of our fascinating culture. It includes a helpful timeline across the pages, a chronology chart, an index, a glossary and a summary of The Legacy of Dynasties which link our ancient story to today's modern technology and invention. Readers, aged 8 to 80, will be delighted to learn so much new information about the world's favorite ancient civilization.

​There are already many children's books about ancient Egypt. Yet, virtually all focus on the later periods in ancient Egypt's long history, particularly the 18th Dynasty (Akhenaton, Tutankhamun and Hatshepshut) or the even later Graeco-Roman period (Ptolemy and Cleopatra).   Which are all used to miseducate the world and destract them from learning of The original Architects, Engineers, Doctors and Buliders of Civilization!  The Black Man, Woman & Child.

Text Book, Non-Fiction, Illustrated, Origins of all civilizations and cultures.  (Bulk Ordering Available)

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