He says, "it hasn't always been easy, but it has always been simple. More often than I care to admit, however, I found ways to complicate it." He laughed.
When asked why he went the route of an entrepreneur, his eyes lit up as he explained. "I was looking for something very specific. I wanted to live a Life of Significance, what I did had to matter in the lives of people. Also, I wanted freedom. I didn't want to be like the pseudo-successful people that I knew growing up, folks that were rich in money, but broke on time. I wanted both. Then there's having fun, I wanted to have a blast in life, to enjoy it while I had the energy. I didn't want to be stressed out and bored. Thankfully, my path has provided me the ability to have all three."
Camy remains committed to his Christian faith, citing God's love, God's word, and God's guidance & protection as the foundation of his life & accomplishments.
Additionally, by applying the disciplines he learned from his football playing days, fueled by his intense desire to win, and constant pursuit of specific knowledge & insight from his forerunners, Camy has experienced tremendous success.Through his BeUnlocked workshops & seminars, Camy trains & coaches people across the country to develop their financial peace, freedom & independence.  #BeUnlocked

​​​Launching his career at 21, Camy plunged into and traversed the world of entrepreneurship, as many dreamers endeavor to do, in the insurance business. He says of his decision, "looking back, it was a natural transition for me because it had so many similar components, and it required many of the same disciplines as my first love, football."
Cam, as his friends call him, was known to his family & friends as "Mr. Football." Born in Miami to a Jewish mother and Haitian father, Camy was raised in Miami & Los Angeles, while eventually playing collegiately in Atlanta. Camy has always dreamt big, and like many of his peers, he had aspirations of one day playing in the NFL.
"Growing up in Miami in the 80s, we played pickup basketball, but we lived backyard football. It was in our blood. My father was a local high school All Star & Miami Hurricane, uncle was a local football & track coaching legend, cousin was a Gator, and a brother that was a scholarship linebacker and state champ wrestler."

​He continues, "For me, there was one day in college however, that I realized something important. If I wanted to play pro ball, it might help if I was big, fast & strong!" Camy joked. "Once I realized that I didn't exactly have the physical stature that NFL scouts were looking for, I peacefully put my NFL dreams to bed, hung up my football cleats for good, and set my sights on finding the opportunity that could create similar success and happiness. I knew that I had the desire, work ethic, and coach-ability to be a winner in life, now all I needed was the sport, or vehicle as I call it, and when I found it, I went all in!”